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The day we popped up the High Street…

On July 5th, we packed up our pot stand-cum-(just about)mobile bar and headed up the High Street (via a cheeky sarnie pit-stop at The Bungalow caf) for The Wanstead Church School Summer Fete.   Read more…

Dan Mays - singing & saxing

This week’s Dukebox…

Get your mid-week music fix and start your weekend early with The Dukebox.  TONIGHT, Dan Mays and his sax bring some soulful vocals and sweet jazz our way.    Check him out here….we can’t think of anything more perfy on a day like today…

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Fancy getting your hands on these Bub Tubs?

We use them at the pub for ice buckets and beer slops, at home they are a boot bucket, they have even been spotted at a local stables filled with horse poop.

Garden designer, Georgia Lindsay has come up with an altogether more beautiful use for them.

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Fun for hire

We rather enjoyed popping up at The Wanstead Church Fete…’Get’s us out of the house’ as it were.   Read more…

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Little Duke’s Big Parties

Thinking of throwing a party for your Little Duke, look no further.  We got this one….

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We have wi-fi. It's free. Our password is welovetheduke. Because we do!

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Andrea & Rafael

Warm up for The World Cup final with The Dukebox

Warm up for our big screen, World Cup Final action with Andrea & Rafael from 6pm this Sunday.

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America, *@%K YEAH!

A couple of our customers tipped us off to ‘Creative Grooming’.  It’s not the latest brand of crazy to be sweeping the United States but definitely one worth sharing.

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Russell the Elephant Plant

One of our locals, Russell kindly donated this Amaranth to our garden.  We’ve called him Russell.  If you would like to donate a little piece of your garden to our collection and get a plant named after you please feel free.  They will be in very good company.

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