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The Duke

  • IMG_4684Warm, organic figs, caramelised Brie cheese, balsamic reduction, Maldon salt & mushroom powder
  • IMG_4685Beetroot juice, golden beets, caramelised goat's cheese, roasted walnuts & watercress sprouts
  • IMG_4686Avocado, white asparagus shavings, pistachio oil & sherry soaked pomegranate
  • IMG_4687Fig & avocado tempura with home-made balsamic vinegar ice cream
  • IMG_4689Basil panacotta with English rhubarb & blood orange conserve
  • IMG_4690Tasting desserts - Manchego, quince jelly & Moscate. Prickly pear jam, homemade oat biscuit & lime zest

Our first Pop Up – and it’s completely vegetarian!

Everyone knows we love our meat over here at The Duke.

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  • DSC_5367
  • DSC_5249Little Dukes fancy dress comptition
  • DSC_5258Duchess Jaya's acceptance speech
  • DSC_5260
  • DSC_5292
  • DSC_5294The Estrella was flowing
  • DSC_5274As was the Hawkes Ginger Beer
  • DSC_5278
  • DSC_5308
  • DSC_5318New knitting recruit
  • DSC_5320Time for Tea's spread of delicious treats
  • DSC_5335
  • DSC_5339
  • DSC_5341
  • DSC_5344
  • DSC_5356
  • DSC_5360
  • DSC_5370
  • DSC_5391
  • DSC_5407
  • DSC_5419
  • DSC_5424Kourosh kicking off the afternoon's programme of live music
  • DSC_5431Little Duchess Jaya
  • DSC_5441
  • DSC_5442
  • DSC_5449The Boss hard at it!
  • DSC_5451
  • DSC_5456
  • DSC_5460
  • DSC_5467
  • DSC_5475Organic Ilford's beautiful spread of local produce
  • DSC_5479
  • DSC_5488
  • DSC_5492Head dress making was a huge hit with the Little Dukes
  • DSC_5494Asher's Ice Cream Parlour
  • IMG_4639
  • IMG_4640Homemade bunting using Stich Fabric's generous donation of these gorgeous fabrics
  • IMG_4642Family OI!
  • IMG_4658
  • IMG_4668
  • IMG_4679
  • photo 3View from our lovely neighbour, Linda's house

The Duke’s Street Party, September 13th, 2014

It’s hard to describe how utterly touched we all are over here having had such a fantastic response to our first Street Party.

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See you under the bunting!

The Duke’s Street Party

In just a few days we are having a street party and everyone is invited! 
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Raw nuts!

Our good friends Coco Face will be bringing their giant nuts of hydrating goodness to the party so you can reap the rewards of raw, natural coconut water and feel utterly, tropically fantastic.  It’s no accident you will find them by the main bar…those nuts taste great with a little shot of something something in them. Feeling naughty…why not add rum?!


Balearic sundown mix

Once Double Bass Dan has whipped us all up in to his usual toe tapping frenzy things will take an altogether more chilled turn for a couple of hours as we take our street shenanigans back to The Duke for the rest of the evening.

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FANCY DRESS ALERT!! Calling all Little Dukes & Duchesses

AS IF we would pass up the opportunity for a spot of fancy dress at our Street Party!

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wanstead fringe

It’s all about Wanstead!

Wanstead Fringe Festival kicks off this weekend.  A whole week dedicated to the neighbourhood with interesting ‘stuff’ happening every day in all corners for all ages.
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Have a glass of wine on us this month

To celebrate our new lunch menu, served Wednesday to Saturday, Midday to 3pm AND our new wine list (served daily from Midday) we are offering all lunchtime reservations throughout August a glass of house white or red on us.  Call us on 020 8989 0014 and let us know you are coming!

Made with Nude Roastery beans and a whole lotta love

£1 coffees throughout August

Now that we’ve all been to coffee school over at the Nude Roastery, we want to show off our froth and practice our foam art so, every day throughout August until 3pm, coffee is just £1.

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