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The Duke

See you under the bunting!

The Duke’s Street Party

In just a couple of weeks we are having a street party and everyone is invited! 
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Have a glass of wine on us this month

To celebrate our new lunch menu, served Wednesday to Saturday, Midday to 3pm AND our new wine list (served daily from Midday) we are offering all lunchtime reservations throughout August a glass of house white or red on us.  Call us on 020 8989 0014 and let us know you are coming!

Made with Nude Roastery beans and a whole lotta love

£1 coffees throughout August

Now that we’ve all been to coffee school over at the Nude Roastery, we want to show off our froth and practice our foam art so, every day throughout August until 3pm, coffee is just £1.


Calling all cake bakers!

If you or someone you know makes a mean macaroon, a cuteiful cupcake or a Victoria sponge that would make Mary Berry wilt then send them our way!   Read more…

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Who said science was boring?

Earlier this month we invited local Professor and Wanstead’s answer to Tom Good down to host Little Dukes.

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The day we popped up the High Street…

On July 5th, we packed up our pot stand-cum-(just about)mobile bar and headed up the High Street (via a cheeky sarnie pit-stop at The Bungalow caf) for The Wanstead Church School Summer Fete.   Read more…


This week’s Dukebox…

Get your mid-week music fix and start your weekend early with The Dukebox.  TONIGHT (Wednesday, August 13th), Kourosh and his guitar bring some gypsy swing our way.    We can’t think of anything more perfy on a day like today…

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Fancy getting your hands on these Bub Tubs?

We use them at the pub for ice buckets and beer slops, at home they are a boot bucket, they have even been spotted at a local stables filled with horse poop.

Garden designer, Georgia Lindsay has come up with an altogether more beautiful use for them.

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